Our three nursery glasshouses (and a huge polytunnel beyond them) are critical to the success of the Botanic Garden.  In them, we propagate new plants for use in the various parts of the Botanic Garden, and maintain back-up collections. The largest holds plants destined for the Great Glasshouse, many of which have been grown by us from seed collected in the wild.  Another, originally used as a quarantine house in the early days (when we imported live plants from abroad), has been converted to house tropical plants.  Using these back-of-house areas means that we can rotate plants, putting ones that are flowering into the displays and removing from view those that are past their best for a little tender loving care.  The polytunnel is used to propagate and grow on hardier plants for display outside.

The Nursery Glasshouses were built by Jones Bros. (Henllan) Ltd. of Carmarthen.  Climate control was by Climate Control of Guernsey.